An online event? We will arrange it!

A presentation, meeting or event these days can be held just as easy on the internet. Usually a free service as Skype will not be professional enough.
Thanks to Wals Events there are no limitations to quality and perception. It feels like you are live in front of the room! Moreover the event can be playedback after the event or published on your website or intranet.

How big or small your online event is, we will arrange everything that is needed: from equipment to stage setting.

Due to our wide possibilities we can deliver a service for all your online events. Whichever solution will be choosen, you always get hd television quality with Wals Events.

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From a simple presentation…
Would you like to organise a small online presentation or meeting? Then choose for example for one camera with microphone streaming. You will not be dependable from the builtin webcam and microphone from your pc.

… to a big event
Do you have a bigger online event with multiple presenters? Then choose for a full camera setup with multiple camera's, multiple communication channel, chatbox and more.
Thanks to the multiple communications channel also remote participant can dial in with video.

How can the viewer follow your online event?
The remote viewers will see your presentation through a videoplayer in their webbrowser. They can choose of different screenresolutions, depending on the internetspeed. This can be setup that the  player automatically adjusts the quality to the available internetspeed. The presentation feed can be locked with a password. Also the viewer can pause the live stream and watch on a later timing.

Powerpoint or Keynote integration?
Your local presentation, like a Powerpoint, Keynote or movie, can be linked to our equipment. This way the remote viewers can easily follow the your presentation in the best quality

No worries about the internet quality
Many locations have a perfect internet connection. If the location of you choice doesn't have one, we can supply a perfect alternative connection. During the site visit we will test the connection and create a suitable offer.

The appearance does matter
For the true television perception we can also deliver the stage setting for your presentation. We will take care of the right lighting en high quality audiosystems, this way your presentation get's the appearance it deserves.

Long story short: what can you expect from us?
•    All kinds of online events.  
•    High quality equipment, recording and internetconnection.
•    Support from experienced professionals.
•    A compact equipment setup.
•    Ability to connect to your inhouse system as bluejeans, webex, lync, etc.
•    A professional appaerance to the remote viewers.
•    Directly after the presentation your presentation is on-demand available.
•    We record a local recording, in case of calamities nothing will be lost.

Would you like to organise your online event in a professional way?
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